Saturday, July 03, 2010

Canadian Nationals

News from the Canadian Nationals -

We don’t have many results, but here’s what we know so far (Thank you, Kim and Maura!):

Think there were about 70 riders overall in all divisions. The 50 was won by Valerie Kanavy, second place Elaine Steele, 3rd Lynda Byrne. Team Ontario finished two teams in the 50, Team Quebec did not finish a team, but had three riders complete. Manitoba finished all 3 riders - congratulations Prue, Aime and Jessica!

Bob Gielen won the 75 - now he can sit back, relax and celebrate his birthday! Congratulations, Bob, and Happy Day! There were 9 entered in the FEI 75. Haven’t heard many 100 mile results yet, but know that Gail Jewell, Carol Steiner, Yvette Vinton, Tom Paleczny finished - sorry, don’t know anything else.

One foreign rider came off quite hard - she is from Namibia and was riding one of Darolyn Butler’s horses. Horse vetted through, but the rider did not and was sent to hospital to be checked for neck injury.

The day has been absolutely glorious... clear skies, low humidity, temps around 18C. The trail is excellent. Esau and his crew put on a fabulous event. How will anyone ever top this location (the Girl Guide Camp near New Lowell). Real showers and toilets and so much space!!!

More as soon as we know...

More News from the Canadian Nationals

Race day was going very well, temp was perfect, humidity down, but results at vet stops were telling a different story.

40 started the 100, only 19 finished, in the FEI International competition 24 starters, had only 9 finish. Mostly lame but one Metabolic that sadly turned into a fatality at the Guelph clinic shortly after midnite.

Apache and Jolly Holliday pulled at 87.5 miles and that closed the opportunity for Weg for J. H. A muscle cramp the culprit, Apache was lame, both are sound this AM. Diamond Reo and Gail finished with mission accomplished in 9 th overall and 2nd in those qualified as entry into the Canadian National Championship. So she has a silver medal as well as a black eye a gift from Reo in a little trail encounter. Reo finished in good time and is now qualified to go to Weg as an alternate with Gail. So we move to plans for Weg.

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