Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Spain: Riders and horses selected for the European Championship Youth Ride

El Raid blog - Gabriel Gamiz

Wednesday July 7 2010

The Royal Spanish Equestrian Federation has given the following note with horses and riders shortlisted for the European Championships in Kreuth Raid Youth (Germany).

"Value for youth riders and horses shortlisted to attend the European Championship in Raid Kreuth (Germany) from 1 to August 6, 2010.

Muixi Agda Troy 3, and Nibra NIBR
Almudena Albarran Chilliqui
Maria Ledesma Opalia
Carlos Borja Claire
Eva Estaulella Heura
Berta Pujadas Urra
Ivan Padros Inguru
Diego Haces Esso
Ibon Alberdi Kat tq

Yebra Quico coach will contact the shortlisted staff to mark the anticipated work patterns before the final delivery of those selected to be the day 21/07/2010.

Concentration-review Pujal raid -10/07/2010

Final list 21/07/2010

Mother's Day Out 30/07/2010

Arrival Kreuth day 1/07/2010

03/08/2010 Opening ceremony

Prior examination 04/08/2005

Race 05/08/2010

Vuelta 07/08/2010"

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