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Canadian Endurance Riders Excel in North American FEI Events
June 30, 2010

Ottawa, ON— Following The Kentucky Cup — the pre-ride for the World Equestrian Games (WEG) — Canadian endurance horses and riders have travelled thousands of miles, in pursuit of their dream to qualify and compete for Canada, either in the World Equestrian Games this September or in future major international events. In FEI competitions from all over North America, Canadian riders and their amazing equine partners have excelled, building on their already-enviable ride records. In addition to the FEI events, these riders have actively participated in open rides as well with outstanding results.

• Elroy Karius & Jolly Holiday: FEI 2* 75 miles (Williston, FL) — sixth place
• Gail Jewell & A Salisbury Rose: FEI 3* 100 miles (Inyokern, CA) — fourth place
• Carol Steiner & Jumpin’ Jax: FEI 1* 100 miles (Ocala, FL) — third place; FEI 3* 100 (Decatar, TX) – seventh place
• Carol Steiner & Merlin FEI 3* (Moriston, FL) — seventh place
• Dessia Miller & Parker AES: FEI 2* 75 miles (Asheville, NC) — second place
• Monique Vincent on MJL Olivia: FEI 1* 50 miles (Decatur, TX)—First place
• Lee Hutten & Diamond Reo: FEI 1* 75 mile (Morrison, FL)
• Ruth Sturley & Futurystic: FEI 1* 50 miles (Asheville, NC) —first place
• Yvette Vinton & Jal Bas Kalid: FEI 1* 50 miles (Ocala, FL) — 10th place
• Yvette Vinton & Tesse FEI 3* 100 miles (Williston, FL) — 20th place
• Yvette Vinton & JS Sedona FEI 1* 50 miles (Williston, FL) — first place

Most recent successes for our elite riders have been at competitions at Horseshoe Lake, AB, held May 21, 2010, and Fort Howes, MT, held June 12, 2010. Those results include
• Terre O’Brennan & Koszaar: FEI 3* 100 miles (Alberta) — first place
• Ariel MacLeod & Driftwoods Zorro : FEI 3* 100 miles (Alberta) — third place and Best Condition award
• Kathy Irvine & Nightwind Savannah: FEI 3* 100 miles (Alberta) — second place; FEI 2* 75 miles (Montana) — third place and Best Condition award
• Leanna Marchant & Samsons Fire: FEI 2* 75miles (Alberta) —first place and Best Condition award; FEI 2* 75 miles (Montana) — second place
• Christy Janzen & Sakic: FEI 2* 75 mile (Alberta) — second place
• Karen Badger & Pilgrim: FEI 2* 75 mile (Alberta) —third place
• Caroline Williams & Diamond Reo: FEI 2* (Alberta)— fourth place
• Tara MacLeod & Sea Biscuit: FEI 1* (Alberta)— first place
• Mary-Ann Dorchester & SH Special Edition: FEI1* (Alberta) — second place
• Amy Hoffman & Jr’s Last Chance: FEI 1* (Alberta) — third place
• Lee Hutton & KD Colonel: FEI 2* 75 miles (Montana) — third place and Best Condition award
• Gail Jewell, DVM & Jolly Holiday: FEI 3* 100 Miles (Alberta) — fourth place
• Monique Vincent on MJL Olivia: FEI 2* 50 miles (Montana) — fifth place

The next and final challenge for these riders hoping for a berth on the 2010 WEG Team will be the 2010 Canadian Distance Championship in New Lowell, ON, on July 1, 2010. Following the Championship, the 2010 WEG squad will be named.

“The Canadian Championship will be an opportunity to prove our horses’ capabilities and may well change the WEG rankings,” said Elroy Karius from Kelowna, BC, who is currently sitting number one in the WEG rankings. “There are some very excellent horse and rider teams coming on strong.”

The Endurance Championship will include FEI 1*, 2* and 3* events, with Young Riders’ divisions. The majority of the WEG-nominated riders from Eastern Canada, as well as a few from the West, will compete under the watchful eyes of several of the Team officials: Kay Melvin, Chef d’équipe; Maura Leahy, Assistant Chef; Stan Alkemade, Assistant Team Veterinarian; and Kim Woolley, Team Coach.

“Personally, I’m finding it exciting as we have so many riders and horses trying out for a spot on the team, which is something our Canadian team has lacked in the past due to cost of sending horses overseas,” said Melvin. “Having this WEG on our doorstep has definitely changed how our riders have planned their competitions in this past couple of years. It has opened up opportunities for some who might not have considered competing at this level before.”

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