Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Costa Rica: Zamora and Salazar to Represent Country in Endurance in WEG 2010

June 28 2010

Diego Zamora and Martin Salazar classified June 19 to represent Costa Rica in the WEG 2010, Kentucky USA

Martin ran, in Uruguay with Hasan 160 km and Diego in Guatemala 120 km. To classify, both have met with the races required by the FEI and the Organizing Committee of WEG 2010 (4 120 km/h events and 1 160 km event at 13 km/h or more and with the same horse that will then compete in the WEG 2010.)

The competition in Uruguay was developed with a very cold temperature of 8 to 12 ºc and a fairly high humidity of 80% on a very flat terrain as usual in Uruguay. Martin competed at 17.1 km/h against 11 riders and came 4th to goal after 160 km since the others were eliminated by the judges and Uruguayan veterinarians.

Diego Zamora competed in Tecpán Guatemala at a very favorable temperature and managed to reach the target smoothly at 14.2 km/hour.

The WEG in Kentucky will be the day 26 September and it is expecting the participation of 150 horses and 32 countries. Costa Rica, in 2008, also participated with two riders in Malaysia.

The Equestrian Federation International (FEI) requires riders: 4 120 km competitions at 10 Km/h average minimum and one 160 km competition at 13 km/hr with the same horse.
How classified Martín and Diego:...
Diego Zamora with 5 events.
1-Guatemala 160 km... 2008
2-Chapernal C.Rica 160 km.... 2008
3 Chomes CR 120 km... 2010
4-Chomes CR 160 km... 2010 with the Samurai horse ran 14, 2 km/h average
5-Guatemala 120 km... 2010
Martín Salazar 5 events
1-Guatemala 120 km... 2010
2-Chomes C.Rica 120 km.... 2010
3-Uruguay 120 km... 2010
4-Guatemala 120 km... 2010
5-Uruguay 160 km... 2010 with Hasan horse ran 17.1 km/h average.
Photos of Costa Rican endurance can be seen here:

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