Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Brazil: Festival International de Enduro


The International Festival Brazil 2010 Enduro happens in its 3rd edition on 16 and 17 July, and promises to be another successful event enduro Brazilian.

Like any evidence highlighted each year improvements and new features are part of the schedule of the event.

One of the differences this year are the entries that take place online and in three phases: pre-registration, and final word. Final registration is the last chance to change the animal quel will compose the whole.

This year there will also be limited to members by category and allowed 50 sets each. These are rules and regulations adopted in compliance with requirements of the International Equestrian Federation (FEI).

The glamor and beauty of the venue, Paradise Resort Golf Village and River Ranch Free, make each edition of the International Festival of Endurance Riding a most awaited events in the year.

Participants from all over the country and the world are expected to land in São Paulo. The host city is Mogi das Cruzes, which is 55 km from Sao Paulo, only 35 km from the International Airport of Guarulhos.

Italy, Portugal, France, Argentina, Uruguay, South Africa, England, Chile, Colombia have already attended the event and this year are expected also Belgium, Germany, Hungary and the United Arab Emirates.

In 2011 held the World Championship Young Riders & Junior and the seat will be Brazil. Not yet determined the location, but the Festival is an opportunity to initiate some actions that can be accomplished by focusing on the next year as the loan of horses aimed at the same rent for next year in the world. Surely this is a unique opportunity for these contacts are initiated.

There is an expectation this year of 2010 Argentina and Uruguay to participate in the competition with their own horses, coming from their countries.

Only Brazil hosted a CEIO the sport in South America and this will be her second year of the event. Feature that makes this event one of the most important worldwide, equating to the status of Compiègne and Gubbio.

There are three important evidence that happen:
Nations Cup Young Riders CEIOYR 120 Km
Enduro GP Brazil FEI 2 * 120 km
Paradise Open FEI 1 * 80 Km

For more information see EnduroEquestre.com:

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