Friday, June 11, 2010

Australia: Horse Sports - Singleton Endurance riders
11 Jun, 2010 11:04 AM

photo: CHAMPIONSHIPS: Margret Boland with Alandell Karlinta and Darryl King with Shanadarr Khaleel.

The 160km ride will see King and Boland head off at midnight on Friday, June 24 and are required to complete the five legs within 24 hours.

Attracting international riders, the event is treated by King and Boland as a relaxing way to destress from life.

Facing cold temperatures and rough terrain, training is vital to the level of success endurance riders reach.

“It is just you and your horse in the elements,” Boland said.

Competing in the middle weight division, Boland and King have been preparing their animals with training and special care.

“They are athletes in the horse world and require all the vitamins, care and physical work of any athlete,” Boland explained.

King is entering the championship with only his 160km qualifying ride behind him.

Boland however has met the criteria to be a part of the New South Wales squad at the event.

Animals are vet checked at all five legs and there is a one hour break at legs one, two and three with a shorter one at legs four and five.

If an animal does not pass the final check they are disqualified from the event.

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