Monday, August 03, 2009

Australia: Toft to head up first Magic Millions sale

03 Aug 09 - by Brent O'Neill

TWENTY years as a trainer, 25 years as a competitor and a lifetime spent breeding horses.

Added up, Marburg’s Peter Toft knows what to look for in a horse.

Such is Mr Toft’s wealth of knowledge, he was handed the responsibility of selecting 14 endurance horses for next month’s inaugural Magic Millions Australian Sporthorse Sale, an auction of more than 100 equines from the six major equestrian disciplines.

As an experienced breeder and trainer of Arabian endurance horses, and a World Championship silver medallist, there are few better people to have on board for Australia’s first-ever sale.

“The concept of auctioning is not common here so this is a whole new adventure and it’s got enormous scope,” Mr Toft, 50, said.

“Magic Millions came to us, recognising us as the leading breeder in endurance horses.

“(Endurance equestrian) is a fascinating sport and it’s very fortunate we can incorporate something we enjoy in our business."The Sporthorse Sale will be held on August 15. Visit

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