Wednesday, September 19, 2007

USA: Zone Team Endurance Challenge

The USEF (United States Equestrian Federation) sponosored ZTEC ride is being staged this weekend, September 22, in Fort Howes, Montana. Ride organizers Jan and Bill Stevens are hosting the event at their ranch. Jan Stevens reports that "Fritz Harshbarger, photographer and dance instructor, will be covering the ride with photos and updates.
Volunteers have started showing up with Anne Pfeiffer coming in last night. Anne has outdone herself with her customized mirrors and various other artwork to be used as awards. She's busy today creating the edible goodies (critters) that she is famous for.
Weather is looking good with highs in the upper 70's, lows in the 40's. Some chances of rain throughout the week - a welcome relief to the dry conditions we have right now.
As of right now we have 16 teams (3-4 riders per team) coming to compete - FEI, Open, and Mixed (FEI/Open). Riders are coming from Vermont to California, from Oregon to Illinois, from New Jersey to Texas, including 4 teams from Canada. Included in that mix are 4 teams with juniors and one Young Rider team (riders 16-21 years old)."

The is an AERC and FEI sanctioned event, with emphasis on Sponsored Team placement.

ZTEC Website

The following teams have registered for the event:
(Team Name, Chef d'Equipe, Riders)

APEX North

Ann Stuart
Valerie Kanavy
Hernan Barbosa
Meg Sleeper
Steve Rojek


Jeremy Olson
Heidi Alexander
Jeremy Olson
Ellyn Rapp
Jesse Dux

Whistle (WIS-ILL)

Roberta Harms
Peggy Brush
Linda Jacobson
Joan Fisher
Roxie Rivkind

Mountain Mettle

Susan Horne
Susan Horne
Karen DiCamillo
Jessica DiCamillo
Linda Browneller

Western Montana Endurance Riders

Suzanne Hayes
Suzanne Hayes
Melanie Shirilla
Doug Swingley
Lynn Lee


Carol Giles
Carol Giles
Michelle Roush
Ron Sproat
Becky Feidler

Marco Polo

Bill Stevens
Heather Stevens
Jennifer Stevens
Ashley Van Raalte
Frances Chase-Dunn
Kirsten Kimbler

The Ever-Readies

Tara MacLeod
Tara MacLeod
Ariel MacLeod
Makayla MacLeod
Larry Handziuk

ABC Team

Martin Marsh
Jan Marsh
Julius Bloomfield
Kathy Irvine
Terre O'Brennan

Prairie Chicks

Carol Wadey
Carol Wadey
Robyn Wadey
Rae-Anne Wadey

Prairie Fire

Brian Zwaa
Trish Dowling
Murray MacKenzie
Myna Cryderman
Crystal Fulcher

Malibu Endurance

Charisse Glenn
Charisse Glenn
Kim Fuess
Nicolas Vasquez
Carl Mergenthaler

Central Juniors

Carl Kimbler
McCamey Kimbler
Kelsey Kimbler
Darolyn Butler
Alexandria Kirkland


Fred Emigh
Fred Emigh
Luanne Holmsen
Sultan Bin Sulayem
Joyce Sousa

JG Ranch

Grace Ramsey
Jan Worthington
Eileen Kirsch
Guy Worthington
Julie Jackson

Team Bubba

Grace Ramsey
Candy Barbo
Anita Sinnott
Tom Gower
Michelle Mattingley

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