Saturday, September 01, 2007

FRA: FEI World Endurance Young Horse Championship

Maria Alvarez Ponton of Spain riding the French horse Julius de la Drome achieved first place and Best Condition at the 2007 CEI*** 140km FEI World Endurance Young Horse Championship in Compiegne France. Ms Ponton bested a field 84 starters to achieve the win.

As reported by Merri Melde, "...Fifteen riders went out within 3 minutes of each other, galloping out the gate in hot pursuit of the one ahead, with Nicolas Vazquez leading the charge. It looked like it could be a very close finish... what kind of strategy do you use on a last loop when you're all so close? It would likely all come down to what their horses had left, instead of what the riders had planned. ...".

The Festival included team competitions as well as the Young Horse Championship!

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