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Mongolia: Gobi Desert Cup 2019 - Full Article

15th September 2019
Race Report made with the assistance of Heather Wallace
Photo credit: Gobi Desert Cup / Heather Wallace

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. 6 September 2019. 21 international riders with a thirst for adventure and desire to ride a Mongolian horse 480 kilometers met for the first time in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. This was the start of their life-changing experience.

To live like a nomad, immerse themselves in the culture, and ride six Mongolian horses over six days across the eastern reaches of the vast country all while supporting the Mongolian Horse and Nomad Foundation was a dream come true for all.

The annual event brings together riders of all disciplines in a multi-day points-based endurance race beginning in the Khentii Province, the birthplace of infamous horseman Ghenghis Khan. The participants have two days to experience a taste of nomadic life, learn to ride a native and semi-wild horse, and have two introductory rides of approximately ten kilometers, all this under the guidance of the officials, veterinarians, and local horse trainers.

160 horses were trained and conditioned for this year’s event, a huge number to manage for three months. Each horse trainer was assigned a horse line of 10-15 horses, some their own and others from local families who support the event and are paid for the use of their animals.

On Friday, August 30th the participants from seven countries and six continents began their race across the steppe and competed both individually as well as in teams...

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