Wednesday, August 14, 2019

70 Year Old Bob Wins 2019 Mongol Derby! - Full Article

14/08/2019 ehuknews

In an extraordinary, seven-day demonstration of horsemanship, fortitude and navigational skill, the USA’s Robert (Bob) Long, 70, became the oldest winner of the 1,000km Mongol Derby, the world’s longest horse race.

Bob, who has a PhD in Public Health, in 2013 retired from Healthwise, a company he helped build up from the ground.

Commenting on his success Bob joked:

It’s nothing – you just ride 650 miles. There’s nothing to it,”

I’ve only stayed overnight at one horse station; I’ve been staying with local families. They’re spectacular.”

Asked how it felt to be the oldest winner of the Derby, he replied dismissively:

Age is just a number.”

In doing so he battled the weather gods, who threw everything they had at the brave crazy riders, from torrential rain to burning sun and then freezing temperatures, and harsh terrain. All on the back of semi-wild, tough-as-teak Mongolian horses, who like to start the day by bucking their riders off just to show who’s boss.

Cowboy Bob, who is from Cheyenne, Wyoming but now lives in Boise, Idaho, completed the 1,000km race by changing horses 28 times...

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Skipper Wall said...

Congrats to Bob Long. It is an achievement of notable proportions. But it isn’t the longest horse race in the world. The Pony Express Endurance Ride routinely runs from Salt Lake City UT to Carson City NV - 750 miles and twice they have run it from Saint Joseph MO to Sacramento CA which is 2200 miles. Most do these endurance rides on the same horse the entire way. The great American Horse Race in 1976 ran from Herkimer County fair grounds in Herkimer NY to Sacramento CA. It was won. by Verl Norton on 2 mules.

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