Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Endurance Officials Criticized as Tribunal Bans Three Riders for Abuse - Full Article

July 2, 2019
by: Pippa Cuckson

Abdul Rahman Saeed Saleh al Ghailani was banned 12 months and fined 4,000 Swiss francs for his riding of Sarab during the President’s Cup 160km race.
The FEI Tribunal has slammed endurance officials who turn a blind eye to horse abuse, after handing down record fines and suspensions to three Emirati riders.

In separate decisions last week, Tribunal suggested the FEI open cases against officials who failed to act against abuse on the day, warning that the “survival” of equestrianism is at stake.

In one case, the horse Castlebar Nato sustained a cannon bone fracture on the home stretch, and the incident was caught on camera. Tribunal said he was “violently kicked until the Horse eventually collapsed from exhaustion.”

In the separate case of Songbird FF, Tribunal declared the horse was so tired that even when grooms ran onto the piste to “encourage” him, he could proceed no faster than walk.

The toughest sanction was applied to Nato’s rider Khalid Jumaa Salem Al Khatri – a 30-month suspension plus a fine of 9,000 Swiss francs ($12,000 CAD) for his alleged abuse during the CEI* 100km at Al Wathba, Abu Dhabi, on December 8, 2018...

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