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Australia: REVEALED:Tom Quilty full program of events - Full Article

7th July 2019

ENDURANCE is a family sport and there are several families who will take to the tracks in the Tom Quilty this year.

Kenilworth local Brook Sample, who holds the record for the most Tom Quilty wins with seven, will be joined by his two sons Matthew, aged 15, and Zac, aged 12.

The Lochtenbergs, from Imbil, will see Linda, Olaf and his daughter Tahlea, aged 14, take to the tracks.

Zac Sample will be the youngest rider to take off into the pitch-dark Imbil State Forest at midnight with just a headlight and horse for company but there are several other children close to his age taking part.

The children have already completed a 160km ride in order to qualify for the Tom Quilty Gold Cup and they can't wait to take on the most prestigious ride on the calendar.

The oldest rider to tackle the course this year is Toowoomba rider Ken Gordon at 76...

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