Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Australia: Megan Finn hopeful of Tom Quilty Qualification - Full Article

Jarryd McGuane
July 12 2018

Elliott endurance horse rider Megan Finn will be trying to qualify for this year’s Tom Quilty Gold Cup event when she takes on the Queensland Endurance Riders Association State Championships this weekend.

Taking place at the Stirling’s Crossing Equestrian Complex at Imbil, Finn will copmpete in the 160km race with the goal of completing the distance for the first time in competition.

Finn said finishing the 160km race was crucial in her hopes on earning her way to the 2018 Tom Quilty Gold Cup at Scottsdale in Tasmania on October 6.

“I doing it to try and qualify for the Tom Quilty, which is down in Tasmania in October,” Finn said.

“I haven’t had as long to qualify as everyone else and you need to have finished a 160km race to qualify and I missed out in my last two tries.

“The Tom Quilty moves around every year and next year it is in Queensland and the year after it is in WA, it is pretty hard for me to take a horse across, so this year is my best chance of doing Tom Quilty...”

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