Monday, June 18, 2018

Brazil: First Stage of Chevaux Endurance Cup Crowns Champion - Full Article

Text: Cidinha Franzão
Photos: J.C. Markun for Chevaux

15 June 2018

Brasilia Country Club, Brasilia DF, Brazil. Saturday 26 May 2018. First Stage of Chevaux Endurance Cup also featured the Brazilian National Championship of 160km and 60km in Brasilia Country Club.

Less than a month after winning the Brazilian National Championship in the 120km, with Al Saida Larzac, Pedro Stefani Marino, this time riding RG Komo, dominated the 160km race which was divided into six loops. Pedro Marino became the first Brazilian to win two important titles in the 30 years of endurance racing in Brazil.

At 5:00 in the morning, eight combinations left in pursuit of the most important national title of the year. In addition to claiming the Brazilian champion title in the 160km, (total ride time of 08:19:04 and average speed of 19.47 km/h) the representative of São Paulo, Pedro Marino and RG Komo also won the Best Condition Award. During the six stages the dispute was fierce with Jose Caio Vaz Guimarães and Chambord Endurance, but the young Caio’s horse was eliminated in the last veterinary inspection by irregular gait, in this way the second place and the runner-up was for Felipe de Azevedo Morgulis and Saiph SBV...

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