Thursday, January 26, 2017

The UAE Endurance Controversy Continues… 4 Years On

January 26 2017

In a controversy concerning UAE endurance horse deaths, doping, and cheating scandals spanning nearly 4 years, 8 more horse deaths this season (6 in the last month) has prompted AERC President Michael Campbell to pen another letter to USEF on behalf of AERC, strongly condemning the UAE's failure to adhere to horse welfare rules. While great progress has been made in Abu Dhabi, particularly by the Boutheib Initiative, Dubai has failed to show any such improvements.

In the letter, Campbell has urged USEF to register a protest with the FEI in the strongest terms, urging indefinite suspension of the UAE from all endurance competition until the Dubai endurance community can remedy the horse welfare situation. Removal of the 2016 WEC from Dubai, and previous suspension of the UAE from FEI competitions has failed to make an impression on Dubai.

The entire letter can be seen here:

The 4 years of documentation of the ongoing UAE controversy can be seen here:

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