Monday, January 09, 2017

Spain's Maria Alvarez tops 2016 World Endurance Ranking

January 9 2017

Spain's Maria Alvarez Ponton topped the 2016 Open Riders World Endurance Ranking with 1848 points. France's Julien Lafaure was second with 1613 points, and Uruguay's Pilar Saravia was third with 1594 points. Cheryl Van Deusen was the highest ranking US rider with 1133 points in 29th place.

Atop the 2016 Open Combination World Endurance Ranking was Uruguay's Luis Crucci and HLD Patron with 424 points. Second was Uruguay's Oriana Ricca and Che Niebla with 388 points. Portugal's Ana Barbas and E Da Fuica were in third with 381 points. Canada's Wendy Maccoubrey and AM Mysterious Mopsa ranked fifth with 554 points, and USA's Kyle Gibbon and Rushcreek Quantum were ranked twelfth with 301 points.

Topping the 2016 Open Horse World Endurance Ranking was HLD Patron (Uruguay) with 424 points. Second was Waterlea Dawn Treader (ranked 135th in Open Combination with Bahraini rider Shaikh Naser Bin Hamad Al Khalifa) with 390 points. Third was Che Niebla (Uruguay) with 388 points.

Italy's Constanza Laliscia topped the 2016 Young Riders World Endurance Ranking with 1496 points. Uruguay's Belen Mendez was second with 1476 points. Uruguay's Valentina Mendez was third with 1307 points. Annie Whelan was USA's top rider, tied for thirteenth place with 1026 points. Kelsey Russell was just behind in sixteenth with 1015 points.

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