Wednesday, March 23, 2016

New Endurance Great Britain events put focus on welfare - Full Article

By Charlotte Ricca-Smith on 22nd-Mar-2016

Great Britain is to host four new endurance events this summer – with all prize money going to the horses that finish in the best condition.

Best Condition Award

The events at Euston Park in will be fun in ‘strict accordance’ with the FEI’s Best Condition Awards.

Each course will be designed to keep horse speeds down to an average 20kph and will include up to five vet gates. The events will use ‘sophisticated veterinary knowledge and experience’ to ensure they adhere to the highest standards of horse welfare.
The biggest change to the events is that all prize money will be allocated to the Best Condition Award.

'Restore the reputation'

“The Euston Park rides offer Great Britain an opportunity to restore the reputation of the discipline by enforcing our key values of endurance riding,” said John Hudson, chairman of Endurance GB...

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