Thursday, March 10, 2016

FEI World Equestrian Games Endurance Competition Formats Proposals

During the in person meeting of the FEI Endurance Technical Committee, held on the 16th and 17th of February 2016, the Committee following the FEI Bureau request, considered the following proposals:

Number of combinations in the Team and Individual competitions by NF for 2022:

- The Committee agrees on having NO DROP SCORE in the Teams competition;
- The Teams will be composed by 3 combinations per NF, that cannot compete in the Individual competition;
- The Individual competition will be allowed to have 2 combinations per NF, that cannot compete in the Team competition;
- Each NF will be allowed to enter at the most 5 combinations, 3 in the Team and 2 for the Individual competition;
- Reserve combination/s will not be allowed in either Team or Individual competitions;

It’s of major concern to the Committee to ensure an existing podium for the Teams competition, therefore the following proposals were considered:

- Endurance will have two days of competitions, one day for the Individual competition and another day for the Teams competition;
- Day 1: Veterinary inspection for 160km individual competition
- Day 2: 160km WEC
- Day 3: Best Condition Judging 160km WEC
Veterinary Inspection for Teams Competition
- Day 4: Teams competition;

For the format of the competitions the following proposals were considered:
- 160 Km Individual / rest day/ 120 Km Teams
- 160 Km Individual / rest day / 150 Km Teams relay (each horse one loop of 50 Km)
- 160 Km Individual / rest day / 2 days 100 Km Teams
- 160 Km Individual / rest day / 160 Km Teams

For information, last November the FEI General Assembly approved to reduce the number of combinations from 7 (with two drop scores) to 5 (one drop score) with 4 combinations in the Team, plus a reserve combination This is a very significant change in Endurance made last year for the 2018 WEG.

As for qualifications, they have already started, so it’s not possible to change them at this stage for 2018, but it will possible for 2022 once a final format for the competition is found.

The Committee also considered two proposals:

From the Swiss NF

The race is carried out over a qualifying phase of the first ca. 140 Km at a controlled speed, demanding mostly endurance and tactical skills, and is followed by a final phase over the last ca. 20 Km at an unlimited speed on adapted technical terrain and topography, demanding endurance, tactical and technical skills.

The race consists of two parts:

a) Qualifying phase:
1 – ca. 140 Km with Vet Gates (VG) etc. as defined in existing regulations;
At fixed speed, to be defined for each race, but always ≤17Km/h resulting in fixed exit
time at the last VG (calculated from fixed speed over ca. 140 Km including compulsory
halts) for the last loop;
Horses faster than fixed speed are held in last VG at ca. 140 Km until fixed time exit;
Horses slower than fixed speed have to pass compulsory halt and individually leave the VG
later than the fixed exit time;

b) Final phase:
Mass start (?) of all horses having passed the compulsory half time in last VG at fixed exit
Last ca. 20 Km at unlimited speed on good ground, adapted technical terrain and
Final ranking depending on chronological passing the finish line (the first horse wins);

From the Alliance of Endurance Organisers

Two levels of competition
The “Elite Status” does not apply in either case.

Championship: CEI 5* over a distance of 160 Km
Criterium: CEI 4* over a distance of 140 Km

Two events over two days:

1st day: Championship
Ride over 160 Km
One or two riders per country
Individual ranking only

2nd day: Criterium
Ride over 140 Km
Three or Four riders per country
Team ranking only

For discussion:

• Up to five horse/rider pairs per country can take part

• More open to countries that are developing endurance

• Fewer starters for each event

• Use of facilities and tracks for two days

• More attractive to spectators

• Two different events: more countries can be represented

• Elite system up to the level of Championship

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