Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Inquiry into issues around Australia’s Hendra horse vaccine - Full Article | 26 February 2016

Issues around the Hendra vaccine for horses will be the subject of a Queensland parliamentary committee inquiry.

Queensland’s Parliament has asked its Agriculture and Environment Committee to examine the EquiVacc vaccine, including claims by some owners of adverse reactions in horses after receiving it.

The committee will also examine the stance of some veterinarians in refusing to treat unvaccinated horses and what effects that has on horses, the industry and the economy. The committee will report back by August 22.

The availability of the vaccine for horses has been hailed as a major advance in the fight against the disease, but some horse owners are reluctant to use it.

Some vets are refusing to treat horses that have not been inoculated amid fears they will be prosecuted under health and safety laws if they treat an unvaccinated horse that later presents with Hendra infection...

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