Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Winning the Mongol Derby - Interview - Full Article

August 11 2015

How does it feel to win the Mongol Derby?

It's quite surreal at the moment, I'm relieved and excited. I'm glad the training has paid off, I've had a phenomenal time, it was a great adventure. I've aches and pains all over my body, on day 3 I blew out my left knee, since then I've been trying to strap it up and have been going through a lot of pain, but it's been worth it.

At what point did you think you might win?

It was very uncertain, it was constantly changing between the six of us who was in the lead. Then at the last checkpoint Elise and I galloped about half the last stretch, and until about 3 km before the finish I had no idea if I would win. I happened to have the faster horse, but Elise was a great competitor.

How do these horses compare with the ones back home?

These horses are phenomenal. I realised that back home we pamper our horses, we worry about what terrain we ride them on, but the derby horses are like machines, over any terrain, it's incredible, I did get a few which wouldn't move and the guys around me helped me, but I got some which were absolute rockstars. They would just go and not stop literally canter the whole way. They were incredible...

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