Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Mongol Derby: the 2015 Course

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August 4, 2015
Mongol Derby

The 2015 Mongol Derby start gun fires at 10am (local time). This is the course they'll be racing
To balance out the tougher technical ride we're giving the riders a racing line this year

- An extra 3 Urtuus (horse stations) through the hills
- An extra day's racing, winner expected after 8 days
- All new racing line to take the focus from navigation to riding
- A linear course offering more varied terrain ending further north

We wanted to mix things up a bit for the 2015 Derby and our new course looks and feels a world different.

The linear course ending up in the north by Lake Khovsgol should be cooler than in previous years. There will also be a lot more hilly terrain for the second half of the race. Because of the additional demands of the mountains the Urtuus will be closer together.

The additional horse stations together with a longer route are expected to add an extra day to the course. The champion is expected to finish within 8 days (possibly by the evening of the 7th) and the course will close on day 10...

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