Saturday, August 08, 2015

Mongol Derby 2015 - Race Report Day 4 - Full Article

August 8 2015

A day on the Mongol Derby is a long time, even this morning the field was very close together with any of 15 riders in contention. Now the top 6 have finally broken away and are 2 stations ahead of the chasing pack.

The leaders (Elise Poitrinal, Bruce Cameron, Michele Tanaka, Byeronie Epstein, Maxim Van Lierde and Ben Wilks) are riding at a tremendous pace and (for now) are riding as a team. So far only Elise is carrying a vet penalty into PS2 (station 21), it remains to be seen if they will split there, before or ride on together until the finish line is within sniffing distance. With a lead of around 70 Km, it's looking less likely the chasing pack will reach them.

Devan Horn has had another attritional day on the steppe. After sitting her penalty this morning she seemed determined to make up time and set of to HS12 like a rocket. Unfortunately she didn't make it much further before falling victim once again to the heat. She hit the 'help' button on her tracker and took refuge with a nearby family while she waited for backup. She was taken back to Station 12 where she's back under medical observation...

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