Thursday, August 13, 2015

Australia: 2015 Shahzada Approaching


The 35th Shahzada will be held from Monday, 24th to Friday, 28th August in St Albans, north west of Sydney, NSW, and being 10 weeks out from the Quilty to be held in Del Rio, NSW, everyone from all over Australia has the opportunity to not only achieve a 50th Anniversary Quilty Buckle but a much coveted Shahzada Buckle and then, with the NSW State Championships in northern NSW in October, "The Big Three" - awarded for three successful completions in the Quilty, Shahzada and NSW State Championships by the same horse and rider combination in the one year.

As well as the ultimate test of 400km over five days, the Mini Marathon of 120km over three days will be held from Tuesday, 25th to Thursday, 27th August. Both rides are held in St Albans with horses and riders camped all around the town and venture out on each leg up and down the legendary tracks of the Macdonald Valley on both sides of the river - this year there is the promise of perfect Shahzada weather and lots of fun with heaps of social events and activities to keep everyone smiling throughout the week.
There will be many updates in the coming months to let you know what to expect during Shahzada and the lead up to it but for now, go to the Shahzada website for all the stories of past rides to get you motivated……this is a very special event and if you don’t do anything else in endurance, you have to ride Shahzada!!

Track clearing days will be announced here in the near future and if you would like to help at these weekends or volunteer to help during Shahzada, please email Sue Todd on

More detailed information is on the website with entry forms and campsite request forms as well as the option to book your special ride number or contact Shahzada secretary, Sue Todd on

For more on the Shahzada, see

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