Thursday, August 13, 2015

Canadian Squads for North American Endurance Team Challenge

August 11, 2015

by: Equine Canada

Equine Canada is pleased to announce the Canadian squads who will represent Canada at the 2015 North American Endurance Team Challenge (NAETC), set to take place in Millbrook, ON at Cayuse Creek Ranch on August 21, 2015.

The NAETC is an FEI sanctioned endurance competition held every two years, with teams from Canada, Mexico and the United States participating.

The following riders have qualified for the Canadian squads. Prior to the start of competition, these riders will be split into teams of three to five members riding for Canada:

Rider / Hometown / Horse / Owner
Laura Austin / Millbrook, ON / Good to Go CCA / Laura Austin
Robert Gielen / Flesherton, ON / More Bang for Your Buck / Robert Gielen
Brianne Henderson / Grand Valley, ON / Rivendell Elessar / David & Janet Henderson
Wendy MacCoubrey / Ste. Justine de Newton, QC / Am Mysterious Mopsa/Yvette Vinton
Mike Merriam / Finch, ON / J Walker AES / Kim Woolley
Dessia Miller / Berwick, ON / Amber Kiera / Dessia Miller
Solstice Pecile / Bailieboro, ON / Glorious Song IA / Solstice Pecile
Yvette Vinton / Morriston, FL / Teese / Yvette Vinton
Michele Watling / Kirkfield, ON / Klien / Michelle Watling
Savanah Wilson / Kemptville, ON / WRR Victorian / Savanah Wilson
Kim Woolley / Finch, ON / Schakka Khan / Kim Woolley
Nancy Zukewich / Ottawa, ON / Serious Moonlight / Nancy Zukewich

Chef d’√©quipe – Nancy Beacon, Flesherton, ON

Rider / Hometown / Horse / Owner
Wendy Carnegie / Dugald, MB / Shaunessy’s Autumn Harvest / Wendy Carnegie
Avery Delannoy / Beausejour, MB / OK Absolutely Spotless / Angela Lavallee
Colleen DeVry / Fort Saskatchewan, AB / Nightwind’s Bey Infiniti / Colleen DeVry
Lena Gray / Montney, BC / Zorros Black Pearl / Tara Macleod
Angela Lavallee / Anola, MB / Cansas / Angela Lavallee
Ariel Macleod / Montney, BC / Driftwoods Tabora / Ariel Macleod
Coletan Macleod / Montney, BC / Zorros Iron Horse / Tara Macleod
Tara Macleod / Montney, BC / Zorros Flying Dutchman / Tara Macleod
Heather Nielsen / Lamont, AB / Nightwinds Indigo Bey / Colleen DeVry
Tracy Vollman / Regina, SK / RA Karim / Tracy Vollman

Chef d’√©quipe – Maura Leahy, Dugald, MB

This NAETC is an FEI 2* (120km) ride with four phases. The competition will be divided into Senior and Junior/Young Rider (J/YR) Divisions, with both divisions using the same trail on the same day.

For more information regarding the NAETC, click here.

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