Sunday, April 06, 2014

Botswana: Dansawani Arabians Dominate Maun Endurance Race - Full Article

Posted by THEVOICEBW on April 4, 2014

The Dansawil Arabian Endurance team competed over the weekend of the 22nd March at the first ever 80km ride held in Maun.
The team consisted of two locals Willie Herbst who is the owner, manager and groom and Tebogo Mosorwa on FTB Magnifico.
The other two team members were Louise Herbst on Fa’Nardi Zara and Felicity Cooper on Dansawil Gorbasjof. Another Dansawil horse, Wilshane Shakespeare was lent to a Maun rider.

The track consisted of three 27km legs and the riders had to negotiate water, tight turns, mud and extreme humidity due to the heavy down pours Maun is experiencing.

Wilshane Shakespeare won the race in a time of 3.59.34 hrs, Louise Herbst on Fa’Nardi Zara came second in a time of 3.59.34 hrs and Felicity Cooper on Dansawil Gorbasjof came third in a time of 4.20.01 hrs...

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