Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Brazil: 2012 Multidays - Full Article

Text and photos: Cidinha Franzão

The charming Multidays is a different ride from all others carried out in Brazil. It is about an itinerant ride in which the set horse / rider runs to a distance of approximately 60 km per day, totaling 180 km in three days.

Not only the riders, but all those participate in the event (organizers, veterinarians, course designer and timekeeping) staying in the same hotel. Every night there is a fantastic cocktail, so that those who competed during the day will fraternize in the night launching each other new challenges for the next day.

And every night are awarded the winners of the day. Besides, to relax, also awards which came in last place. And as is traditional, since its first edition in 1999, there is the famous and not so expected Trophy Coalheira, name of farming instrument used in the animals to pull the plow.

It receives the trophy Coalheira that one person who during the day made ​​a faux pas. Therefore, everyone is watching everyone to see who commits it. During the awards are announced the names of people and what they did and the audience decides who receives it. In the final award, is named the winner of Coalheira of the year.

The idea that everybody hosts at the same hotel and share the cocktails and dinners is to create a very special atmosphere of understanding between everyone, without, however, leaving the competitive side...

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