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Turkmenistan: FEI Equestrian Raid I

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FRIDAY, JUNE 1, 2012

Our Member of Raid, D. Rafael Garrido, sends us a chronicle of the first Raid Equestrian, according to FEI rules, held in the distant lands of Turkmenistan, lands where they begin to accept the FEI rules and serves to expand the hobby to the world of Equestrian resistance to rules which ensure the health of the horse.
This is the chronicle of the first Raid in Turkmenistan:

"The raid at the International Conference Ajal-Teke Horse in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, 2012

In late April, a small delegation of members of the Spanish Association of Akhal-Teke horse we go to the horse's Day celebrations in Turkmenistan at the invitation of the ministry's horse country. We accompanied the national team raid Ignasi Casas and Alberto Cotelo equine dentist, as lecturers. There were delegations from the various national associations of Asia, Europe and America. We had almost daily program for a week, including the first raid under FEI rules to be made in Turkmenistan. We all know that equine resistance paths are part of the history of Turkmenistan. To start in the FEI rules of the sport, the organizers had asked the participating national associations that provide their specialists.

We witnessed the rise of the necessary infrastructure to host an equestrian event in the desert, consisting of a yurt village, placing colored flags to give a background to the event framework complementing the Kopet Dag mountains, about three miles of flags placed to define three sides of the event area, the construction of tandyr to make bread, lifting three huge swings and wrestling ring - the winner gets a sheep - a scenario and a huge esplanade covered with rugs. Everything was being flooded with the influx of a large audience, women with their tight dresses and embroidered bibs and around the neck, with two black braids or artistically handkerchief tied around a bulky bun, men in suits and with his cap in head and the venerable AK-sakal white beard and sheepskin hats.

The day of the raid we were gracious, with a layer of clouds that accompanied us most of the day. There was a marvelous display of Akhal-Teke horses. The association brought the rider Uruguayan raid Olascoaga Pio, who was assigned one of the horses belonging to a private breeder.

The race consisted of two phases of 30 km each. Turkmen riders made ​​their first raid with international standards and not all were clear about the method. The breeders did not agree with these rules once they started to remove some horses. The judges did have clear rules and so wanted them to be accepted. Our president of the association, Blanca de Toledo, was translated and anyone wishing to kill the messenger. There were two horses in the country's president in the raid, removed one, all logic dictated that he must win the other.

Pio asked by several guests told us that some horses, not all, were well trained, some have taken a great result with an experienced rider and was very happy with the horse he had ridden. Olascoaga Pio and his family are dedicated to breeding and training horses and endurance raid in Uruguay (there are two different categories), with customers in the UAE. They recently introduced its first Ajal-Teke in competition, a 11 year old horse is competing in 120 km.
I do not want to pretend that everything was like silk, but the first international raid Turkmenistan took place April 25, 2012 and 24 horses and riders and breeders of these horses and the Turkmen Atlary made it possible and laid the foundations of this sport in their country.

Ingrid Schulz
Spanish Association Ajal-Teke Horse
Almeria, May 24, 2012."

Greetings from Gabriel.
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