Sunday, June 10, 2012

Oman Royal Cavalry Wins First Place in French Endurance Horse Race

Paris, June 9 (ONA)---- Ahmed bin Salim al-Hamadani from the Royal Cavalry won the first place in the French endurance horse race (110 Km), which is organized by the International Equestrian Federation with participation of 53 jockeys from different countries around the world.

The race included (4) stages; the first stage amounted a distance of (30 Km), the second (20 Km), the third (34 Km) and the fourth stage (26 Km). Maj. Sinan bin Sulaiman al-Abri, Officer of Endurance Department at the Royal Cavalry and Supervisor of the team racing in France said that the race witnessed strong competition among participants and was characterized by different terrain tracks. He added that the third stage of the race was the most difficult for Ahmed al-Hamdani due to the many slopes in the race route and rains.

It is worth noting that Ahmed bin Salim al-Hamadani is one of the Royal cavalry seven jockeys who qualified for World Endurance Championship due to be held in Britain next August.

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