Saturday, June 09, 2012

Serbia: Endurance Horse Race


The competition is organized in accordance with the “Rulebook on Organization and Implementation of Distance Racing” published by the Serbian Association for Equestrian Sport for the Olympic Games and FEI disciplines for horse welfare.

The race is organized by:

1. Equestrian Club “Kremen”, Pančevo; 060/037-1613, Višnja Andrić,

2. Equestrian Club “Arandjelovac”; Arandjelovac, Jelena Obradović 060/6711-7057,

The race is hosted by Rabbit Burrow Homestead, Krčedin, Uče Zekovića 7,, e mail, Radica Gligorić

The endurance race on White Horse Track in Krčedin is run alongside the site of the same name at which the Celtic tribe Skordisci created a huge profile of a horse in white stone, in the manner it used to mark its territory throughout Europe. The WHITE HORSE in Krčedin was still visible at the beginning of the 20th century.

One lap of WHITE HORSE Track in Krčedin is 21km

Recreational riding is available on WHITE HORSE Track on the same day after 4 pm, as well as on every first Saturday of a month, requiring previous booking at 064 641 5572, Slaven Živković, Manager, Rabbit Burrow Homestead, or by e-mail at

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