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Mexico: Riders in FEI JYR Championships in Kentucky Next Week

18 July 2011

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The Mexican Association of Equestrian Endurance Championship to send a representative to Junior Equestrian of North America in Lexington, Kentucky. The next will be held July 27 Equestrian Youth Championship in North America, supported by International Equestrian Federation, where participating countries of Canada, USA, Puerto Rico, Mexico and the Caribbean Islands.

Mexican Equestrian Federation, the delegation sent to represent Mexico in this
championship, which will be composed of young promises to participate in various disciplines, as Dressage, Eventing, Jumping, Reining and Endurance. The Mexican representative Endurance Riders will be composed of Meixueiro Mariana Guzman (Puebla), Christopher Ugarte (Puebla) and Gerard Gabriel Gagnier Mendoza (Oaxaca), who will compete in the test by Team and Individual.

Endurance test will consist of covering the distance of 120 km FEI 2 * a Time limit, and count as a test for the World Youth Cup in Abu Dhabi. Endurance team will be led by Ricardo Galan Arias (Chef d'Equipe) and Mercedes Acuna Tradits (Head Veterinarian FEI). Note that in these qualifying stages, our riders are putting the Endurance of Mexico at the top, as Mariana Meixueiro, apart from winning first place in 80 km in the USA won the "Best Condition".

Christopher Ugarte in Chile is in 3rd place in 80 miles and also won the "Best Condition" and Gabriel Mendoza Mexican Gagnier is the rider with more racing 120 km 2 * FEI and the and his entire career to the global classification. We also have Jesus Lobato, who has competed in Chile and Argentina for the World Cup qualifiers, one second achieved in Chile place at 80 km are not only classified, but are also carrying the "Best Condition ", which is without doubt one of the most prized awards in the Endurance.

In the history of this discipline in our country is of great relevance to send for a second time representative, and in 2009 the riders Magali de la Rosa and Gabriel Mendoza Selim Gagnier participated in this test, earning a team silver medal.

Mexican Endurance Association congratulates these brave riders who are confident
they manage to land in the Middle East and put the Endurance of Mexico in the levels

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