Wednesday, July 20, 2011

British Success at Euston 3

14th July 2011

Alex Tennant took the win in the CEIJYR** 120km at the third Euston park ride on Sunday 10th July.

Alex Tennant and Earlsdon won at a speed of 16.93kph. Brett Corcoran and Bashir Shamyr at 14.44kph finished in 2nd continuing their successful 2011 season.

Lesley-Ann Parker finished 21st in a very strong field in the CEI** 120km at 16.74kph. This class was won by Saif Salem Mohammed Al Faresi and Ziryyaa at a speed of 21.55kph. There were 25 finishers from 50 starters.

Katie Parkin finished best of the Bristish in the CEI* 80km with Focus (17.97kph). Kirsty Wiscombe and Eskar also completed this class in 9th place at 14.6kph.

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