Thursday, July 21, 2011

Endurance Great Britain Squad Selection for European Championship - Full Article

Thursday 21 July 2011
Endurance squad announced for the FEI European Endurance Championships 2011

Endurance GB has today announced their selection of the squad of six horses and riders to represent Britain at the Senior European Endurance Championships in Florac, France (10th September 2011).

The selected squad comprises:

• Alice Beet riding her own recently acquired Adara Sauveterre
• Tricia Hirst riding her own and Philip Hirst’s Madjin des Pins
• Karen Jones riding her own Macadamia
• Catriona Moon riding her own Leila
• Christine Yeoman riding her own Richshakfy
• David Yeoman riding his own Haszar

The non-travelling reserves, in alphabetical order, are Rachel Atkinson (Vanash), Sally Hall (Barn Owl), Annie Joppe (Dilmun) and Nicky Sherry (Shimmering Blue Jasmine).

Annabelle Scofield, Chef d’Equipe for the Endurance squad commented on the selection: “We have a top class team of riders who all have competed successfully in international rides. Their horses have all proved that they are capable of the challenging terrain they will meet at Florac and the team will have every chance of delivering a very competitive performance. They have all worked really hard over a number of years as members of the British team squad, to produce well trained and very fit horses.”

At 24, Alice is the youngest member of the team, she commented on her selection; “I am really pleased. I know it is going to be mountainous but Adara is a small and compact horse and I know she is ideal for that type of terrain..."

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