Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dominican Republic: First Endurance Ride of the Season

Asociacion de Endurance & Rally a Caballo de la Republica Domincana

Last Saturday July 2 in Dominican Republic was held the first endurance of 2011.

Julio Johnson on "Lucky" dominated the category of 40km, followed by Jean Paul Mateo on "El chulo" and Lisbelle Vargas on "Mickey".

In the 20km test Juan Arturo Biaggi dominated on "Ken", followed by Arturo Pichardo on "Chuppy" and Nelson Vargas on "Moonbelle".

22 riders participated to demonstrate their skills on the backs of horses during the course of the competition organized by the Equi-Club.

The first three places in each category received a stud from the arabian stallion "Medal of honor", of the valued in 1,000US . Victor Miguel Pacheco Mendez, owner of the ranch La Cuadra, congratulated and thanked the participants for the support given to the activity.

The next two endurance rides will be on September 3rd and November 19th in Capcana.

Ernesto Pimentel

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