Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Charity World Horse Welfare fund raiser

My name is Loes knopper and I am hoping you are willing to join us or help me promote a world wide fund raiser I am organising for World Horse Welfare.

The event I am organizing is on a big, nae HUGE, scale.

I am asking riders around the world to ride x amount of miles they are comfortable with and find sponsorship.

The idea is to ride a combined 24906 miles (the circumference of the Earth) and raise as much money as possible for the Charity World Horse welfare.

The date is set for September 25th this year.

So far I have 41 rides confirmed in 10 countries with several in the pipeline but we need even more to make this work.

To be successful we need to reach as many people as possible and I hope you are willing to help spread the word.

All information is to be found on my website www.onhorsesforhorses.org but attached link will take you to a video I made explaining the idea.

It will only take just over 2.34 minutes of your life to watch.


Hoping for a response,

with kindest regards

Loes Knopper
On Horses for Horses

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