Saturday, March 19, 2011

Netherlands: Fasna Trail adds a CEI-O

Fasna Trail

March 19 2011

A CEI-O has been added to the schedule of the Dutch Championships to be held on the 4th of June 2011 around the KNHS-Centrum of Ermelo, Netherlands.

"In addition to the 160km, 141 km, 120 km and 90 km CEI rides, the 160 km is also a CEI-O, as is the 120 km YJR," says Ride Organizer Eric Lamsma.

"We also have some new sponsors at the ride, including De Telegraaf (a daily newspaper), Eqi International (an event organisation), and Anemone (a horse truck company)."

The venue will take place in the beautiful area of the Veluwe. "It gives you an incredible sense of freedom," says Lamsma, 'trotting or galloping across the ancient deciduous forests, through the heath and across the old sandy roads."

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