Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Spain: Urban tour of Seville, Andalucia Kaliber VI

1 March 2011

Since the organization of Kaliber-Andalucía Raid invite all fans to the sport of horse racing in any discipline, to join us in the city tour we will do in Seville next April 3 (Sunday), as an display, with which we intend to give this test and all the more striking equestrian world and category. The tour will depart from the Parque del Alamillo, at 11 am and will run approximately 3 hours. It is our intention that, in addition to the riders of Kaliber Raid-Andalusia, may be present the many riding schools in our community, associations and clubs and fans in general, whenever they are ready to show at all times the necessary discipline and good behavior for the better development of the march. We have also extended invitations to the Local Police, Guardia Civil, couplers and club music Banda del Sol to join us riding on our tour of Seville.

At the end of the course will be offered a drink and a bowl of stew to participants in the Cortijo del Parque del Alamillo.

Andalusian horsemen and fans should be proud of this test, which happens to be the longest and the hardest of all those held in the world and is attracting considerable international interest. That's why we thought it would be nice to organize a large caravan riding in Seville that might serve to show the world the great love of the horse that exists in this land since time immemorial. It will also be a nice way to share a good time with people from all over the world with which unites our great love of horses and nature.

It will not be necessary to formalize any registration, but the horses participating must be properly federated and insured, and must keep abreast of relevant vaccinations.

Raid organization shall not be liable for any claims for damages or any other eventuality.


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