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Great Britain: Ten Minutes in the Tack Room With... Beccy Broughton - Full Article

12 March 2011

Endurance rider Beccy Broughton has been competing since she was six-years-old. She has represented Team GB at numerous events, including at WEG in 2010. Beccy also blogs for H&C where she shares her life with her horses and her training tips.

What would you do if you didn’t ride horses? Race cars or slalom racing! Both of which I did until I had to make the big decision and I chose horses.

Why did you decide to go into endurance riding? I competed because my mum did. I completed my first competition when I was 6 which was a 25mile CTR.

How often do you muck out? All the horses live out 24/7 and the fields are mucked out every day. However, Java who returned from WEG is stabled currently and the retired boy Murmansk is keeping her company.

Who has the best yard you’ve visited? Show jumper, Andy Saywell’s. It’s all contained under one roof, including the indoor school, feed and tack rooms, storage barn, wash and solar stalls, staff accommodation with access to Southwell racecourse just half a mile ride away. Wow!...

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