Monday, February 08, 2010

President's Cup: Entries

The following foreign riders have been invited to participate in the CEI *** 160 km Presidents Cup, to be held on February 14 2010 in Abu Dhabi:

Pietro Di Geronimo - Belgium

Andre Vidiz - Brazil
Rafael Salvador - Brazil

Caroline Denayer Gad - France
Santisteva Benedicte - France

Belinda Hitzker - Germany
Sabrina Arnold - Germany

Valentin Kun - Hungary
Eniko Odor - Hungary

Jannet Van Wijk - Netherlands
Carmen Roemer - Netherlands

Beata Dzikowska - Poland
Ola Ciesielska - Poland

Boulbol Feras - Slovakia
Silvia Potocna - Slovakia

Ellen Rapp - USA
Jeremy Reynolds - USA

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