Friday, February 12, 2010

Pamela Burton’s WEG Endurance Predictions - Full Article

The U.S. will feel the pressure to stand on the podium as endurance championships return to American soil. The U.S. won an individual gold medal at every World Endurance Championship (WEC) from 1986 until 1998--Cassandra Schuler (1986), Becky Hart (1988,1990,1992), Valarie Kanavy (1994 & 1998) and Danielle Kanavy (1996). But in recent years the team has bowed to competitors from France, Spain and the United Arab Emirates.

Selection of US Horse/Rider Combos for the 2010 WEG is a multi step qualification and selection process. Each country is allowed five horse/riders, four Team and one Individual. The horse/rider combination must meet FEI Qualification for the 2010 WEG, formerly called a Certificate of Capability (COC) . Riders who have applied for WEG and attended one of the June Regional Selection Trials will be able to attend the final Observation Trial in August where 12 horses/riders will be chosen. The 12 horse/riders will travel to the Lexington area and remain in training while the final determination of the Five member Squad and the traveling reserve is made.

The top contender for a gold medal at WEG will be Spain’s Maria Alvarez Ponton, the first rider to hold both world and European titles at the same time on her 13-year-old French-bred gelding Nobby.


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