Monday, December 21, 2009

India: Arosha completes 81km horse race

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Rider Arosha Jayasundara completed the 81km with her horse, cantering across the finish line at the end of a 9 hour ride in good condition as dawn and dust met in the cold Rajastani desert of India at the second consecutive International Invitational 81km Endurance National Indigenous Horse Show Championship organised by the Marwari Indigenous Horse Society of India, on December 12.

Riders Arosha Jayasundara, Suranjith Premadasa and Prameesha Abeysekera, participating on borrowed Marwari horses from the Dundlod Stables of Ragvendra Singh Dundlod, represented Sri Lanka at this FEI qualifier.

Prameesha led the team at the beginning with the condition of her horse Suki till the 60 km Vet Gate where she did not qualify to continue.

Suranjith on his horse Anjalie completed the first leg of the race at 20.25km before being withdrawn due to missing the time restriction at Vet Gate.

The culminating race of this 6-day event, the International invitational drew representatives from India, Sri Lanka, America, United Kingdom, France, Italy and Russia to line up at the start line in a test of endurance and skill at this One Star FEI (Federation International Equestre) event.

The 81 km was split into 4 parts with the horses being checked by veterinarians every 20.25km.

The horse’s condition, stamina and heart rate are examined before being allowed to continue with the race placing a great importance on the care and condition of the horse during the event.

The Sri Lanka Equestrian Association proudly to acknowledge the efforts of the riders and thanked the organisers and sponsors at this event for helping these riders take Sri Lanka to the international equestrian stage.

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