Sunday, December 06, 2009

Australia: Taking all the right Rhodes results in a monthly award

Central West Credit Union’s Leanne Mikoda (right) congratulates endurance rider Karen Rhodes on winning September’s Sportsperson of the Month award.

07 Dec, 2009

She holds the record for the most finishing buckles in the gruelling Shahzada marathon and that feat has propelled Karen Rhodes to September’s Sportsperson of the Month award.

The Woodstock horsewoman collected her 15th buckle out of 16 attempts when competing in the rugged terrain of St Albans near the Blue Mountains.

No rider boasts more buckles in the demanding five-day event where entrants cover 80km each day.

She has trained her trusted companions Kelly and Shadow to cover the designated courses, estimating between the pair of them have covered over 7,000km competitively without taking into account training rides.

Rhodes has also been tackling another of the endurance riders’ marquee rides in the Tom Quilty Gold Cup.

The 160km one day ride was recently held in Victoria where Rhodes and Shadow finished their fifth Quilty together.

The event is known for the toll it takes on horses and riders alike with a number of entrants failing veterinary examinations.

That’s what makes Rhodes’ achievements so special, the fact like clockwork she almost completes every ride.

She maintains her goal is to complete every ride she competes in.

That’s winning to her.

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