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UAE: Al Beloushi brothers enjoy 1-2 finish

Gulf News
by M. Satya Narayan, Senior Reporter
December 13, 2009

Abu Dhabi : The Al Beloushi brothers from the Al Reef Stables and the Al Jahouri brothers from Al Wathba Stables dominated yesterday's two prestigious rides at the Emirates International Endurance Village.

Sultan Ahmad Al Beloushi on Elphyn Silvermoon and Munthar Ahmad on Carallio completed a brilliant 1-2 finish for Al Reef Stables in the Bonyan International Investment Group's 120-km National Day Cup Ride.

Earlier, in a similar 120-km ride, also supported by Bonyan International Investment Group, Majid Khalfan Al Jahouri, on Bouman Nasrof, won the first round of the three-round Giants Endurance Challenge while his brother Ali Khalfan finished fifth in the National Day Cup ride.

His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, also took part in the Giants Endurance event before retiring his horse in the fourth stage of the five-stage 120km event.

Meanwhile, in the National Day Cup ride, Al Reef Stables once again dominated and notched up their fourth win in the fledgling UAE season of 2009-10.

The 24-year-old Sultan and his 22-year-old brother Munthar were riding horses trained by their eldest brother Yousef Ahmad Al Beloushi who has so far trained all four winners for the Al Ain base of Al Reef Stables.

Sultan completed the 120-km ride on Elphyn Silvermoon in 4 hours 36 minutes and 28 seconds, the Australian horse scoring a win in only its second run here in the Emirates.

Munthar's Carallio was winning for the second time this season and finished about three minutes behind the winner.

"Both Elphyn Silvermoon and Carallio did not have much problem as the rain and the cool weather made perfect riding conditions," said winning trainer Yousef, who also took part in the ride but had to make an exit in the third stage.

A total of 89 riders were in the fray with Sultan winning the keys to a brand new car for his effort while the remaining top finishers shared the Dh300,000 on offer.

In the Giants Endurance Challenge, the second and third rounds of which will be held in Bahrain and Dubai respectively, Majid Khalfan Al Jahouri on Bouman Nasrof finished over four minutes ahead of Uruguayan rider Federico Zubiaurre on San Filipo.

Majid took 4hrs 59 mins 07 secs to complete the 120-km event.


Bonyan International Group Giants Endurance Challenge:

1. Majid Khalfan Al Jahouri (Bouman Nasrof) 4hrs 59 mins 07 secs; 2. Federico Zubiaurre-URU-(San Filipo) 5:03.20; 3. Ahmad Ali Bin Harmash (Havane De Navas) 5:04.26; 4. Rashid Al Younis Ali (Kaysand Farrazah) 5:05.12;

5. Anzaq Mahmoud-PAK-(Nedjrm) 5:06.26.

Bonyan International Group National Day Cup:

1. Sultan Ahmad Al Beloushi (Elphyn Silvermoon) 4 hrs 36 mins 28 secs; 2. Munthar Ahmad Al Beloushi (Carallio) 4:39.00; 3. Majid Mohammad Al Sabri (Armin s Zulu) 4:39.37; 4. Ahmad Salim Al Beloushi-Oman-(Silversprings Kabir Arwa) 4:46.07; 5. Ali Khalfan Al Jahouri (Berlioz De Piboul) 4:51.57.

photos by Osama

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