Friday, November 27, 2009

FEI painkillers rules contradicts their research in 2004 - Full Article

Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor
26 November, 2009

Horse & Hound has uncovered paperwork that shows the International Equestrian Federation's (FEI) decision to allow horses to compete on painkillers is in direct contradiction to research they undertook five years ago.

At the 2004 FEI General Assembly national federations agreed to cut the allowable level of salicylates (asprin) from the level they are now proposing because they believed it was open to abuse by "topping up".

In the release from 2004 the FEI says: "The 2004 FEI General Assembly agreed to change the threshold for salicylates, in line with the proposals submitted by the Veterinary Committee.

"The previous thresholds for salicylates were 750 µg/ml in urine and 6.5 µg/ml in plasma. Experiences in testing had indicated that abuse of salicylates was possible, obtaining a clinical effect in the horse by administration of low doses without exceeding the threshold."


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