Saturday, December 02, 2006

NZ: Endurance Added to Horse of the Year Event

Showtime for endurance ride

Growing popularity in the sport of endurance riding has seen a full-length endurance race added to the Kelt Capital Horse of the Year show (HOY) for 2007.

Show director Kevin Hansen said endurance had been run once before at the 2005 show over a shortened 50km course, but only as a promotional event.

The 2007 race would take place on Friday, March 16 and be run over 110km.

The race would start at 6am in the premier arena of the showgrounds, cross mainly private lands out to Ocean Beach and finish at 3pm in Napier Road, Havelock North.

The leading horses would then proceed up Te Mata Road and into the Havelock Domain.

A full team from South Africa, traditionally a strong endurance nation, would add an international flavour to the competition.

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