Sunday, August 01, 2004

Canada:National Championship CEI*** 100 Mile

Thana Dharmarajah
Friday, July 31 2004

Young Arab rider has horse racing in his blood

Armed with a 23-member crew of security personnel, horse trainers, a physiotherapist, a veterinarian and a physician, His Highness Sheikh Khalid Al Nahyan is set to deal with any surprises as he rides his horse through rough terrain.

"It's something traditional," said the 17-year-old from the United Arab Emirates about riding horses. "You know, when your dad and your grandparents own horses, it is natural."

In the history of the Arab world, horses have been bred for centuries and used for hunting and fighting.

Al Nahyan was one of 100 riders from across North America to saddle up his horse for the four-day Canadian/Arabian Horse Association National Endurance Championships at Sprucewoods Provincial Park, located 80 kilometres southeast of Brandon.

Twenty-two riders took part in yesterday's 24-hour endurance race spanning 165 kilometres.
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