Tuesday, March 08, 2022

Gaucho Derby: Race Day 1, aaaand they’re off

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Tom Morgan
5th March 2022

35 Riders lined up and charged out into the wilderness to contest in the second annual Gaucho Derby on the 3rd of March 2022. A mix of tension, excitement and anticipation were buzzing at the start line. Strong winds and the feel of foreign saddlebags were keeping these fit and fiery horses on the tips of their hooves. Some mounts gave their riders a small taste of what could be in store for them over the next 10 days. Mackenzie Stabler’s (MST) bucking bronco decided the start line wasn’t for him and took off with all her belongings.

Although each rider was given traditional gaucho tack, many modified it to suit their needs and the chosen range of clothing and apparel varied greatly, from neutrals to neons, they donned it all...

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