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Life in the saddle: The remarkable horseback adventures of Luisa and Pete - Full Story

February 15, 2022
Pete Breidahl

Pete Breidahl has spent more hours in the saddle than he can count through countries most people only dream of visiting. How did an Antipodean lad end up riding across some of the world’s most inhospitable landscapes? He tells the story in his own words.

Luisa has never been very good at getting up at the best of times; but when it’s cold, she’s even harder to get moving and will often lie all snuggled up in our sleeping bags whining about how badly she needs a pee. She screws her cute little face up and squeals “Peeeeeete … it’s cold! I don’t liiiikkkke it!” and then starts giggling through fake tears.

I’m more a morning person, and when I need to go, I just get up and go for it if there isn’t an empty bottle handy “old army habit – gross, I know”. This morning though, I saw Luisa move out of bed faster than ever before.

We were staying pretty much smack bang on the banks of Turkey’s longest river, “The Red River” which winds its way through nearby Avanos before ambling towards the Black Sea...

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