Monday, November 18, 2019

Australia: Growing success for the Matar Stables Bullio Cup - Full Article

Race Report made with the assistance of the Canobolas Endurance Riders Club Inc
18 November 2019

Orange, Central West of NSW, Australia. Sunday 3 November 2019. When the Canobolas Endurance Riders Club was formed in 2018, its aim was to host an endurance event that showcased Australian endurance riding.

Matar Endurance Stables Dubai came on board with this fledging club and gave great support and confidence to move forward and host another event in 2019.

Consequently, the Club went one step further this year and staged a 120km 2* and domestic 120km ride in conjunction with the 80km 1* and 80km domestic event. Incorporated into the weekend was an intermediate 40km ride plus an introductory component of a 20km and 10-5km ride where young children were able to ride out on the course with elite riders and enjoy being a part of the sport of endurance riding.

Riders came from all over Australia, as well as New Zealand, Dubai, France, the UK, China and Hong Kong. The 139 endurance riders taking part in the senior categories have been forthcoming with high praise of the event. Even those who were not successful on the day have stated they will be coming back to try for a completion buckle at next year’s Matar Stables Bullio Cup...

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