Thursday, December 27, 2018

Estonia: Padise Equestrian Centre to bid to host 2021 FEI World Endurance Championships for Young Riders & Juniors and for Young Horses

Beautiful Padise county is located in Estonia - the small country in Northern Europe that has an amazing variety of landscapes, from over a thousand picturesque lakes to dense forests, where various animals live.
The rare endurance venue can offer the loops which include the forest tracks, field roads, and beach sand. Padise is one of them. This place is located just a few kilometers from the coast of the Baltic Sea.

In 2017 Padise Equestrian Centre hosted two FEI Endurance international events, under the name Padise Endurance Festival I and II respectively.

In 2018, Padise Equestrian Centre hosted six FEI events during the season, naming them Padise Endurance Festival III to VIII.

Nine FEI events are scheduled for 2019, to be named the Padise Endurance Festival IX to XVII.

Organizers prepared the world-class facilities, including the permanent endurance village with a cozy national design, impressing all the officials and participants.

For more information about Padise Equestrian Centre visit website

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